Agency Fees


$500 Due with IP Application
$2,500 Due within 15 days after your application has been processed, psych evals have been scheduled and your file has been opened
$10,000 Due within 30 days of being matched with a Gestational Carrier $5,000 Due within 30 days of your GC’s medical clearance
$5,000 Final payment due within 30 days following a confirmation of pregnancy ultrasound

These program fees are paid directly to The Surrogacy Center and are non-refundable. VISA, Mastercard and American Express are accepted for payment as well as a check, money order, or cash.
The Program Fee includes a subsequent match with a new GC in the event that:
(1) the medical team recommends a new match.
(2) the original carrier breaches the Parentage Agreement
(3) the original carrier elects not to continue with the IPs as long as the IPs are not in breach of the Parentage Agreement.

For more information on the total costs during your surrogacy journey, click here.