Frequently Asked
Questions by
Gestational Carriers

How long will it take before I am matched?

This depends on a number of factors, including how quickly you get your paperwork to us and your individual preferences for intended parents. The time it takes to obtain medical records and the clearance from your OB recommending you to move ahead as a gestational carrier varies. We try to complete the background check and schedule your interview and psychological assessment as soon as possible, depending on schedules. However, once we have all the information and you are approved, we will begin the process immediately to match you with the intended parents we believe will be the best for you.

Will I be related to the baby?

No. All our surrogacies are gestational surrogacies. This means that the baby is conceived by In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and the resulting embryo is transferred into your uterus. None of your genetic material is used in the process.

Will I be expected to carry more than one baby?

Only if you agree. Most surrogacies are done with single embryo transfers. This means that unless the embryo splits to create identical twins (not a common occurrence), you will only carry one baby. Occasionally, intended parents will ask that two embryos be transferred. You can choose whether or not you would agree to this.

Are there any costs to me?

No. There will be no costs to you. The intended parents will pay the expenses related to the IVF, pregnancy and birth expenses not covered by your insurance, travel costs and legal expenses. In addition, you will receive payments to compensate you for the risks you are taking. If you need assistance with determining your compensation, our staff will be happy to help.

After I am matched, how soon will it be before I become pregnant?

This depends. Normally it can range anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on a variety of factors such as the results of your PAP, your overall health, if you need to remove or stop using birth control, the distance from the IVF clinic, and how flexible you can be with your schedule. As long as medical clearances are efficient and clinic appointments can be made easily, it should fall on the shorter end of the range.

How many medical appointments will I need to attend?

Typically you will attend the initial medical clearance appointment at the intended parents’ chosen IVF clinic, which is also where you will go to have the embryo(s) transferred. The IVF clinic may require another appointment or two, but the staff will be up front about what is expected from the beginning. Monitoring appointments, including the 20-week ultrasound (which all intended parents love to attend!) can be done with your OB, provided the IVF clinic agrees with that arrangement (and almost all of them do).

Why should I choose The Surrogacy Center?

The Surrogacy Center was established in 2002 by experienced assisted reproduction attorneys who sought a place for their clients (both gestational carriers and intended parents) to receive guidance and assistance in a supportive environment. We have been in operation for 15 years, and we continue to help gestational carriers provide the means for intended parents to build their families. Our staff is professional and caring. One of our Directors of Client Services is a former gestational carrier who is happy to share her positive experience with our clients. We also have support services in place, such as a private on-line surrogate group. We use our expertise and compassion to help make the surrogacy journey a successful and positive one for gestational carriers and intended parents alike. We would welcome the opportunity to include you in our program.