In this blog series, The Surrogacy Center asks our Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers who have completed a surrogacy journey to discuss their experience with us.  We hope this will provide insight to prospective IPs and GCs who are just starting to look into surrogacy as a way to either build their families (IPs) or help others in doing so (GCs).

Introducing our first installment: An interview with these two wonderful dads who are the proud parents of beautiful twin boys A and M!

Twin M 11 months Twin A 11 months

First and foremost, how has parenthood been treating you?  Is it everything you dreamed it would be?

Having 11 month old twin boys is extremely exciting and becoming parents the most exciting thing in our lives. A dream became true!

What made you decide to pursue surrogacy in the first place?

Surrogacy is the only (reasonable) way for us to have biological kids.

What were your expectations before you began the process?

We tried not to have too many expectations as we understood that every journey is different.

Describe the matching process and how you felt when you first met your GC in person:

She was the perfect match which was clear from the very beginning. The Surrogacy Center chose the right person. We are grateful for her who made our family complete.

What was the most unexpected part of your journey?  Is there anything that surprised you?

We feel blessed because all went well. Smaller unexpected parts on the way you forget once you hold your babies in your arms.

How did everything go on delivery day?  Please describe the emotions and feelings you experienced when the babies were born.

It was just overwhelming and you cannot find words for how we felt. It changed our lives forever. We were all crying because we were so happy. You are just grateful. It was truly the best decision in our life.

Please share any advice you would give to folks who are researching surrogacy to build their families:

The most important thing is to work with a good agency. They will guide you through all situations (expected and unexpected ones). We absolutely recommend the Surrogacy Center. They were extremely supportive and dedicated. They made our journey so much easier.

Additional thoughts, comments, and observations about your journey and/or your experience with any of the folks you worked with along the way:

All folks we worked with were recommended by the Surrogacy Center. You have to trust them and all goes well then.