As a detail-oriented person and consummate planner, I often find myself in situations where I think “wouldn’t it be easier if A, B and C were packaged TOGETHER and followed a more simplified process?”  I’m all about efficiency; a believer in streamlining processes to make it easier to follow the main path with as little chance of diversion as possible.  The Surrogacy Center has adopted this efficiency in partnering with the International Egg Bank and Midwest Fertility Center in Downers Grove, IL (outside of Chicago) to offer an all-inclusive surrogacy package for Intended Parents (IPs).  The new partnership between these organizations is the result of months of planning where the product ended up as a “one-stop-shop” of sorts, where IPs can experience complete coordination and management of their surrogacy journey under one umbrella: The egg &/or sperm bank, fertility clinic, surrogacy agency, attorneys, escrow, etc.  This new partnership was introduced at the Men Having Babies conference in Chicago in mid-April, and has already generated much interest.

Imagine being able to compartmentalize all of the components in your surrogacy journey into one binder, where each tab is coordinated and planned to work seamlessly with the next.  IPs will be able to choose from three competitive packages with all-inclusive pricing to include donor eggs, laboratory & embryology, surrogate medical embryo transfer, gestational carrier recruitment and compensation, and escrow account management.  Legal fees and insurance fees are not included in the package estimates, but are clearly laid out and explained at the start of the journey so that IPs will know exactly what to expect.  Our amazing Gestational Carriers (GCs), who mainly hail from Wisconsin and Minnesota, will be just as thrilled to have all of these components managed together, and will need only to travel to the fertility center twice (as in typical surrogacy journeys) – once for a medical clearance appointment and once for the transfer.  Then, as is typical, she will be monitored by her own OB and clinic, who will communicate regularly with the fertility center throughout the pregnancy.

Putting all of the train cars together on one track with choices about which direction to travel will no doubt be a draw for many IPs, though many others who already have established relationships with their own clinics, attorneys, etc. will choose to not cross silos, which also works well.  No matter which surrogacy path they follow, our hope is that people building their families through surrogacy are offered as many choices as possible to make their journeys efficient and enjoyable.  Preparing for parenthood can indeed be stressful, but it can also be fun and there are moments not to be missed.  Our job is to make it *more* fun and *less* stressful.

If you would like more information on the all-inclusive surrogacy package program, please visit to fill out an inquiry form, or call Lori at 888-261-5918.